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Shower Regrouting Perth


The standard grouts available can be somewhat inadequate in your shower area. When you consider the punishment they go through with soaps, detergents and harsh chemical cleaners.

There are several grades of grouts, each with their individual benefits for various applications.

Shower Craft blend two grades of grout to achieve the benefits and features of both. Together with a formula of additives from the grout and adhesive industry, we believe we have grouts unmatched for their sheer strength, flexibility, hardness and adhesion.

With the ability to be colour fast – unlike all blends of epoxy and “cover up” vaniers.

On site colour matched and blended standard and super flexible grout plus our own formulated additives making Shower Craft regrouting  impregnable with superior mould and chemical stain resistance.

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    My shower was leaking because of cracked tiles causing damp on the wall joining the bathroom. These were replaced and the whole shower was resealed and re grouted. The shower looks like new and the wall was had dried out. Fantastic result, I only wish I'd got Barry in sooner.

    Sussan Wright