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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What should I do before the shower can be repaired?

A: The Shower must be dry for 48 hours before work is commenced. This is to achieve the best possible results for you. Make sure all taps are turned off tight and not dripping – if they are use a container to collect water. Please remove all loose items (soap, shampoo etc) from the shower and clear any adjoining vanity tops.

Q. How long does the service take?

A. Allow up to four hours for a standard service and up to seven hours for a full re-grout facelift – depending on the size of the shower.

Q. How long before I can use the shower?

A. Depending on the work required – usually 24 hours.

Q. Is the process noisy or dusty?

A. There is a level of noise – bearing in mind we are using electrical hand tools and vacuum cleaners in the first hour or so. Dust is very minimal and all surfaces are totally cleaned on completion.

Q. Are there any smells or odours?

A. This is very minimal and certainly not hazardous. Any lingering odour should only last one hour with surface curing.

Q. Are there any additional costs once on site?

A. Definitely not :- The level of service quoted is all you will pay. However we are happy to assess and quote any other areas of concern once on site.

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    We thought our shower was beyond repair until we spoke to Barry from Shower Craft. They did a great job restoring our shower and are happy to recommend them to our family and friends.

    Emily Parkes