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Diagnosing a Shower Leak


If you have any of the following you need our help.

  1. Cracks/separation at the wall and Floor junction.  View Example
  2. Cracked tiles – particularly on the Floor or low wall. View Example
  3. Cracked or missing grout caused by shrinkage, fracture or degenerative erosion will determine whether a complete shower regrouting is required. View Example
  4. Missing grouts at the Floor waste or a compromised seal to the waste outlet. View Example
  5. If you have P.V.C trim or mitred tiles to the hob top tile – how much grout is there? (often very little). View Example
  6. Glazing panel seals and rubber with gaps or in generally poor condition. With water evident within the frame tracks or channels. View Example

NOTE: You may have one or all of the above conditions – Shower Craft repair ALL areas of possible failure (refer to repair methods).

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    Very good at fixing leaking showers, mould removal, sealing shower screens & waterproofing. Very neat work and I can’t speak more highly of their  knowledge, this was the 3rd company I got round and the only one who could  diagnose and fix the problem! I would recommend to everyone.